Default sort products by sale / acc. most frequently purchased products / acc. bestsellers Prestashop 8, 1.7

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Modification involving the introduction of mechanisms that allow for the default sorting by the most frequently purchased products (by bestsellers, by sales) in Prestashop 1.7

The default sort products after sale is probably one of the most anticipated features in Prestashop 1.7. While sorting by the most frequently purchased products is already possible in the latest version of the official faceted navigation module (ps_facetedsearch) and appeared during the development of Prestashop 1.7, unfortunately it is not possible to force this sort as default natively. This functionality may appear in future versions of Prestashop – however, it is not certain. The official date of introducing such functionality is also unknown. One more year, at most, two, as the classic says. It’s definitely not worth the wait.

We realize that presenting immediately, by default, a list of products by Sales functionality is a highly requested functionality by online shop owners on Prestashop 1.7. That is why we have developed a method of introducing such functionality in every online shop on the Prestashop 1.7 engine. This is possible thanks to the implementation of an improved version of the faceted navigation mechanism.

The service consists of:

– implementation of an improved version of the filter mechanism (faceted navigation) for Prestashop 1.7 (you gain additional functionalities – range fields for the price and weight filter slider, vertical price and weight slider, displaying the slider for product features, setting the jump value for the price and weight filter)

– forcing the default sort by sales (by most bought, by bestsellers)

In the absence of sales history in the online shop (e.g. a new online shop or for other reasons), it is possible to import sales from the ERP / accounting program once and present products according to sales based on history from the ERP / accounting program. In a later phase, the quantity sold will increase according to the sales in the online shop.

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