Optimizing Prestashop 8, 1.7 for SEO

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Technical optimization service of the Prestashop 1.7 shop in terms of the most important SEO parameters. The type and number of performed activities depends on the selected package.

Basic SEO Optimization for Prestashop 1.7

In terms of basic SEO optimization, the following optimization activities are performed:

– removing redundant headers (hx) from the store structure and the maximum simplification of the header structure or implementation of the header structure according to the customer’s design (an example structure pattern sent after placing an order for the service)
– import meta-title and meta description based on a file developed by the customer (file to be filled in after exporting the database at the customer’s site) or import based on a simplified, duplicated pattern, e.g. in the case of a category

Meta-title: Category Name – Store Name.
Meta-description: Category name – Our shop is the best shop for selling articles … etc.

– image alt, image title for product photos – automatic filling with the product name in every possible place, allowing the possibility of manual definition of these parameters
– setting the noindex parameter for the website’s internal search engine, filtering results, sorting and for an alternative product view (list view)
– preventing cannibalization of category descriptions on subsequent subpages of the product listing
– generating a robots.txt file and placing rules excluding the indexation of unnecessary subpages, i.e. regulations, privacy policy, login / registration, subpages related to the customer panel (order history, personal data, order tracking), subpage forgot password, cart, order confirmation, subpages payment modules
– generating a site map taking into account the list of pages that are not included in the site map, i.e. login / registration, subpages related to the customer panel (order history, personal data, order tracking), subpage forgot password, cart, order confirmation, payment modules subpages
– friendly links (without ID numbers) to products, category pages, product brand pages (Pretty Urls)

Enhanced SEO optimization for Prestashop 1.7

In terms of extended SEO optimization, we additionally perform the following activities:

– Google Rich Snippets structured data implementation
– Open Graph Tags implementation

Full SEO optimization for Prestashop 1.7

Full SEO optimization includes all activities performed in lower optimization packages as well as internal linking optimization of the store.

Why is internal linking so important?

Internal linking plays one of the most important roles in natural positioning. Correct internal linking in the online store allows search engines to browse the online store very freely. In order to develop the correct internal linking, the customer’s help is necessary, namely the preparation of key phrases and landing pages for these phrases. We reserve the right to withdraw from the implementation of internal linking optimization without reimbursement for actions taken within the lower packages if the customer does not prepare a list of key phrases with landing pages based on the formula sent by us (template sent after ordering the full SEO optimization service for Prestashop 1.7).

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