Improved searching and filtering Prestashop 8, 1.7

189,00 EUR

Especially for Prestashop 1.7 users, we have prepared a dedicated package of improvements in the field of searching and filtering mechanisms.

The dedicated search and filter enhancement package includes the following improvements:

Integrating the improvements within the search engine:

– overwriting the native search engine mechanisms, changing the product search mode to a mechanism that searches more precisely products, this change is implemented only on stores up to version, versions from natively use improved search mechanisms (Levenshtein’s algorithm) we recommend updating Prestashop instead of overwriting,
– adding a list of synonyms to the search mechanism to increase the search efficiency for given phrases,
– configuration and weight change of words that represent importance and relation to the ranking of products when a new search is started, reconfiguration is performed after obtaining information on the weights of individual words, i.e .:

– Weight of the product name
– Product Index weight
– Weight of the short description
– Description weight
– Category weight
– Brand weight
– Tag weight
– Attributes weight
– Features weight

Integration of improvements within the filter engine (faceted navigation):

Includes Shop Filtering Mechanism improvements:

– Placing filtering mechanisms in additional controllers in addition to the category view: new products, bestsellers, promotions, products by brands, products by suppliers (note: it is not possible to include faceted navigation in search results)
– Range fields for the price and weight filter slider – making it possible to enter ranges of values ​​to be filtered
– Vertical price and weight slider – the possibility of replacing the traditional horizontal slider with a vertical slider
– Displaying a slider for product features – the ability to display a feature on the range slider (only if all feature values ​​are in the same format, i.e. number + unit or unit + number)
– Setting the jump value for the price and weight filter – making it possible to set the jump value for the price and weight filter (e.g. every 0.5, every 1, etc.)

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