Synchronization, downloading stock inventory from XML / CSV from any warehouse / B2B system to Prestashop 8, 1.7

49,00 EUR

The fastest way to download and synchronize stock inventory from any warehouse / B2B system to Prestashop 1.7

A script that allows you to synchronize, download stock inventory from an XML / CSV file from any warehouse / B2B system to Prestashop 1.7.

Script run as a cron task at a selected time interval (e.g. every 30 minutes).

The script works in the differential mode – that is, it only updates the items for which the stock status has changed since the last synchronization.

Optimized, it does not unnecessarily rebuild the entire object in Prestashop, retrieves the quantity from a given warehouse based on the XML / CSV file and updates the quantity field in the store’s database.

Displays a summary of the actions performed in the form of:

Product – updated condition – yes / no.

ATTENTION! After ordering the script, please send an individual link to update the inventory sent by a given warehouse so that we can test the correctness of operation and send you an individual version of the script.

We offer free support for the correct configuration of the CRON task on the server running this script.

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